Terms and con 

Terms and conditions 

Fees are payable in advance for each course. A client is not considered enrolled and is therefore not eligible to attend classroom training, until the required fee is prepaid. A booking confirmation and tax receipt will be emailed following full payment received by EFA Training.

Payments may be made by cash, direct deposit, PayPal or Purchase order.

Course expectations

EFA Training ensures that courses are conducted by qualified and experienced trainers. Prior to enrolling into your chosen course, ensure you have a full understanding of the structure of the course including costs, duration, and outcomes. All courses are delivered in line with State and National requirements utilizing equipment that complies with all safety standards. Courses are delivered as a theory lesson with some practical components.

Access and Equity

Our access and Equity policy ensures that student selection decisions comply with equal opportunity legislation.

Complaints and Appeals

Course participants have the right to seek redress if they believe they have been treated unfairly. EFA Training has a formal grievance procedure for participants as follows:

  1. Discuss grievance with the course trainer. Failing satisfactory resolution of the grievance, then;

  2. Grievances are to be put in writing and discussed with the Partner within five (5) working days of the course being completed. The Partner will investigate the grievance and provide a written response within five (5) working days.


Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Privacy Act 1988, the information requested on your enrolment form will only be used for the process of enrolment and maintaining the student records. You may at any time request access to your personnel information held by us. 

As EFA Training is not a registered RTO our courses are delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd www.allenstraining.com.au    RTO # 90909

Bullying, Discrimination & Harassment

EFA Training will not tolerate unlawful bullying, or harassment, either of or by participants. EFA Training reserves the right to exclude participants if in the view of the trainer, the participant's behavior constitutes unlawful bullying, discrimination, or harassment. No refund will be given to participants excluded for these reasons. Any participant who believes they have been subjected to this behavior should:

  • If comfortable to do so, inform the person that they find their behavior inappropriate or offensive (sometimes such behavior is inadvertent).

  • If necessary and appropriate inform the trainer.

  • If it is not appropriate to approach the trainer or the participant is not satisfied with the trainer's response, contact one of the Partners.

Refund Policy

EFA Training has the following policy regarding refunds of fees to students. EFA Training will safeguard any money paid by you in advance for your course by not using funds until the course has commenced.

  • EFA Training will refund any money paid by you in full or transfer your payment to another course in the event we need to cancel or discontinue the course.

  • EFA Training will refund any money paid by you in full if we fail to provide in full the agreed training services or a course is terminated mid-stream. However a percentage of the original fees and charges may apply depending on the percentage of completed training activities.

  • If you withdraw from a course due to illness, (verified by a medical certificate) we will refund any course fees.

  •  of your course cost.

  • If you fail to commence the course you will forfeit all monies paid.

  • Where a corporate client cancels a course less than 24 hours prior to commencement of course a cancellation fee will be charged.

  • If you are unable to attend a class please email efatraining1@gmail.com or phone 0418150461.

Rules and Regulations

To complete your enrolled course students must be able to fulfill the following obligations;

  • Demonstrate to the Trainer and Assessor through attendance and assessment, both written and practical that academic skills have been obtained to a satisfactory and competent level.

  • Satisfy all academic, administrative, and financial obligations to the organization.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the organization's premises-there is a designated smoking area outside the training room.

  • Students must promptly notify EFA Training of any change of name, address or contact details so that Statements of Attainment may be printed correctly.

  • Mobile phones must be turned off or put on silent during class.