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Course Set: Trim And Cut Felled Trees And Maintaining Chainsaws


The course applies to individuals who are involved in a forest environment, agricultural, workshop, arboretum and horticultural settings. It will provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to maintain engine or electrically operated hand-held chainsaws.  Furthermore, individuals when then gain the skills and knowledge required to safely trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw and complete operator maintenance. Further techniques, such as safely and efficiently using a chainsaw to trim and cut hardwood or softwood trees, delimb trees, trim branches, trim burls and other small growths will also be covered. Participants will also learn to use specific cutting techniques and working in varied weather conditions. It applies to situations where the production of timber is not the primary focus of the activity.


Licensing, legislative, regulatory, or certification requirements apply to this unit in some states & territories at the time of publication and may differ according to jurisdiction.

Award Issued:

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The following units will be included in your certificate:

  • Course Set - FWPCOT2237 & FWPCOT2239

  • FWPCOT2239 - Trim and cut felled trees

  • FWPCOT2237 - Maintain chainsaws

Entry Requirements

Participants must have:

  • The physical capacity to use a chainsaw whilst wearing the appropriate PPE to trim and cut trees 

  • The skills to complete accurate basic records for equipment faults and maintenance requirements

Course Duration

  • Face-to-face min. duration: 1080 minutes

Course Delivery Location

  • 2439 Kingaroy Cooyar Road, Brooklands QLD, Australia

Assessment Requirements

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

Certificate Renewal Requirements

  • This certificate does not require renewal

Course Fees and Payments

  • The course fee for this course is $300 Per Person.


Please contact us to arrange a quote for group bookings.

Assessment Activities

Performance tasks and Practical scenarios: 


Trim and cut felled trees:

  • Emergency and Safety equipment

  • PPE

  • Tools and equipment

  • Chainsaw and components

  • Assess, plan and conduct activities for trimming and cutting - trim and cut at least three (3) trees of at least two (2) different types (e.g. hardwood tree, softwood tree) under different circumstances and in different environmental conditions


Maintain chainsaws:

  • Plan and prepare for service/ maintenance activities

  • Select tools and equipment

  • Conduct chainsaw maintenance activities

  • Check and sharpen chainsaw chains

  • Clean up and complete maintenance records and fault logs

Documentation – Completion of an equipment maintenance and fault log, relative to equipment used for practical tasks and scenarios.

Theory assessment – A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions. The student must successfully complete all assessment questions.

Please Note*

Discounts apply for group bookings over 10 people.

Extra costs may incur for travel outside the South Burnett.

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